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Termite Control

Don’t let your home be on the menu


Termite Control

Don’t let your home be on the menu

Those are NOT ants!

We'll do whatever it takes to make sure termites are no longer giving you trouble. Call us today to schedule a termite inspection. Your home is most likely your biggest investment, so let’s not allow termites to eat away at your structure causing costly damage.

Signs that you need a termite exterminator

If you're seeing any of these signs, you may need to call our termite exterminator. If you notice tiny winged insects near your doors and windows, small holes in your wood floors or wood furniture that follow the wood grain, mud tubes in your crawl space or exterior walls, notice odd rustling sounds from the walls, or if your home has unusual musty smells. Musty smells can happen when termites eat and bring mud inside. Wood that’s infested with termites will sound hollow if you tap on it, or worse, crumble under any pressure. When broken and crumbled, you can see the mud inside. You can imagine how this type of damage on a large scale can be devastating to your home’s structure.

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Call us for a liquid termite treatment

We use Termidor, a liquid termite treatment that is effective at killing and eliminating future colonies. We drill holes and pour this liquid treatment into the ground around the entire perimeter of your home. We do not use bait systems. Reach out to our inspection company today to come out and inspect and treat your termites. Call 740-630-6985!

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